It can get really annoying and even downright frightening when you find your vehicle trapped in a mud somewhere off street. If it’s a luxurious sports car or a commercial car, you can believe The Calgary towing technicians to do it, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. We have professionally fitted tow trucks which are sufficiently strong to carry you out of any crisis. You should rest in the fact that our licensed and insured tow truck drivers have been in the winching service field for quite some time and are all quite experienced.

The winching service, what is it?

Winching is a safe and reliable method of recovery of vehicles provided by the variety of roadside assistance services. In some cases, winching service is better and quicker than conventional methods of recovery or towing.

Winching service is a popular roadside assistance service that includes dragging a vehicle out of a precarious position using a motorized axle and strong rope. A competent roadside assistance service, like the Calgary Towing, ties a heavy-duty tow cable on your car’s undercarriage to a stable and secure spot. A hydraulic motor will then drive the rope into the truck until the vehicle has been fitted with the rope, securely and steadily dragging the car out of ditch or other precarious condition in which it is.

When winch service is needed?

Sometimes, severe road conditions will cause cars to veer off the street and get trapped in a mud or ditch. It can happen at one time or another and you may need some assistance to repair your car.

One of the most reliable ways to safely recover a car is the winching service. It requires using a heavy duty cables, dolly tow, and a motorized axle to drive a vehicle from a daunting location. Professional operators at the Calgary towing may tightly hook and balance the undercarriage of the vehicle with cables. We use a hydraulic or occasionally electric motor to gently lift your car out of the mud, ditch or some other dangerous situation until your vehicle is secured.

Although it can sound difficult, winching service, particularly when carried out by seasoned tow truck veterans, is safe and successful. Our certified tow truck operators are both experienced with roadside assistance and repair, and they have not done too yet. You will have comfort when you call us for assistance, trusting that we will get you out of that scenario and drive your car to safety.

The Calgary Towing drivers are certified, registered, and equipped that enables us to do our job as efficiently, easily, and safely as possible. We make sure we have all the supplies and equipment needed to get you out and drag your vehicle to safety before we head out on a service call.

We are continuously practicing and keeping up with modern winching service protocols for technologies and protection. You should be confident that you are having an amazing service possible when you contact us. Today, drop us a call!

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